Fabrizio Live Musician-Vocalist-Entertainer

Enjoy it Live with Fabrizio!

There’s nothing better than live music at an event, and Fabrizio has been performing live for over 40 years. Fabrizio doesn’t use any sequencers or pre-recorded tapes. The bass line, chords, leads, horn punches and vocals are all performed LIVE! Fabrizio is well known in the entertainment circuit and has performed internationally with groups and as a solo act. With his unique instrumentation and style, Fabrizio is an excellent musician and true entertainer, covering Rock, R&B, Light Jazz, Reggae, Country, and 50’s & 60’s. At your next event, enjoy it live with Fabrizio!


We Love Fabrizio


St. Patrick’s Day at Heavenly Village

15 Responses to Fabrizio Live Musician-Vocalist-Entertainer

  1. Sheri & Karen says:

    We Loved the show. You are amazing!!!!!!

  2. Don and Trish says:

    Great Show! Was the best thing we saw in Tahoe this week. Fans for life!

  3. Cattie and Bob says:

    The Best Show in Tahoe!!!
    We come to see Fabrizio every year

  4. Hanah says:

    Thank you for performing for us at my 30th Birthday Celebration.
    Your awesome tunes and great personality really added something special. Thank You Again.
    P.S. You are the Party!

  5. Ron & Sally says:

    We caught FABRIZIO’s performance this week. He is Amazing!!!! Best show in Tahoe. Fans Forever.

  6. Tanya and Sandie says:

    We saw you at the Governor’s Mansion on Halloween. Your were awesome. We are going to follow you on your web site to see where next performance will be. Your new fans.

  7. Heather says:

    Saw you at the Diamond Resort. What a fun show. Best thing we have seen in Tahoe.

  8. Tiff, Jen and Rabeca says:

    We are sitting here Watching your show at the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. Best time we ever had in Lake Tahoe. You are the greatest!!!!!!

  9. Josh and Linda says:

    We just saw you at the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort in Lake Tahoe. And I want to tell everyone if you have not seen Fabrizio Perform you are missing out on the best show in Tahoe.

  10. Jessica says:

    We had such a blast watching you. You are so very talented. An amazing performer. Thank you.

  11. Rob & Janis says:

    We are staying at the Stardust Lodge tonight and are wathing FABRIZIO in the activity center. He is Amazing. Best show in town.

  12. Janet says:

    Fabrizio Best Show in Tahoe!!!!

  13. heather & brenda says:

    We were here in Tahoe last month and saw FABRIZIO. Best show ever. We are going to be there the weekend of the 24th & 25th.
    We are looking forward to seeing him again.

  14. The Thompsons says:

    Best show in Tahoe. You got to see this guy. Wish he would perform more at the Lake Tahoe Vacation Resort. They only have him there on Thursday 4-6pm. He used to do Dinner 5 – 9pm. That was great.

  15. Donna says:

    Thanks for the fun entertainment at the Americana and Stardust.